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Why customize when Moodle has pre-built functions?

There is no one-fit-for-all solution as each organization aims to bring uniqueness in it's processes. Moodle LMS offers a vast feature which can be customized or configured. It can be customized on existence layout according to the needs. With Moodle customization, one can easily create custom online courses according to their requirements .Though the moodle has rich features, but you may want to have extra functionalities to make your online learning portal more extensive. Because, every specializations have different choices and different perspectives. So, for a better user experience, it necessitates to be customized.

What does it involve in customization?

Moodle Customization

Customization is the process of making to specifications or according to requirements. It means the compliance and capability to change something so that it better suits your needs or aesthetic preferences. For instance, most of the time we realize that students can't create the default moodle log in password because of its complexity. Only agreeing to client's choice, moodle can be customized in such a way that it will easily access by the learners.

How to start the customization process?

There goes a saying, First impression is the last impression. At PAL InfoCom, we feel proud to create lasting impressions for your organization through our custom moodle development services.

Supported by our in-depth hands-on experience on Moodle package, our dedicated team of professional moodle developers, designers, analysts and quality assurance resources will work with you to ensure that your site will not only look its best but will also be user-friendly, easy to navigate, performs best and unique from the other websites.

At PAL InfoCom, our team believes that for any website, both front end and backend matter equally, for the success of any custom web
solution. Our moodle development services team designs & deliver high performance, extensible solutions, keeping in mind user experiences
and processes matching your project requirements. PAL InfoCom has achieved this by extensive iterative interactions with global clients
while initiating the custom Moodle projects.

Moodle Support

A few key steps needed to request the customization

  • State your requirements in clear & concise.

  • Explain the reason behind it.

  • Give access to the site and explain where do you want changes to take place.

  • Define the expected results on which you will measure the performance of the moodle development team.

PAL InfoCom - customization experience

Moodle Developers

Whether it's about developing the feature or customizing on existing features, PAL InfoCom has a team of professional moodle developers who can fulfill your specific needs. Each organization, school, universities has different choices, but our moodle support team would ensure you to cater the best suitable customized moodle site for them. Our customized moodle will be unique and elegant in design and it would match your thinking.

Our Clients

PAL InfoCom has been entrusted with the projects involving deep customization and development of plugins for organizations around the globe. We will like to share a quick glance of such projects.

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