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Moodle Themes Designing & Customization

Even if you want a glamorous & easy moodle theme designs to match your site, an optimized responsive designs or customized theme, our team of experienced developers can transfer your moodle site into a user friendly and a prestigious unique site. We always trust on elegant themes so that users can easily operate the platform. With our previous development experience and status you can also be sure to receive the greatest level of support, ideas and service with your moodle platform.


Header color.

Footer color.

Custom menu.

Logo addition.

Buttons and text.

Color customization.

Theme background.

Plug-ins/blocks configuration.

Images/slider addition.

Our Inspiration

At PAL InfoCom Technologies, we commit ourselves to build up a long lasting partnership with our clients. Our designers always interact directly with the clients to fulfill their needs and ensuring that using our innovative creation of logos, color customizations, definitely the user will be attracted by your site.

We're in the business of making your life easy. Our goal is to provide an affordable moodle theme development, open-source e-Learning solution that deploys easily in both large and small organizations.

Why Choose us For Designing?

Project visualization:

We first give an attention to the client in finalizing the specialization ( based on their related departments ) of their moodle courses and then we start designing the theme as per marketing purpose.

Responsive designs:

We designed a responsive themes which are compatible on mobile tablets. These are convenient and easy to use for the learners if they are in a moving position also.

Cost effective :

Our vision is to focus on clients satisfaction and their perfect needs. We develop the moodle themes at a very affordable cost.

Be flexible:

We feel a great pride to create a classic designs . You can achieve your dream into real world by choosing our valuable services.

Help and Support :

Our technical support team always feel happy to take care of client's problems and we always help in future project related issues.

Our Clients

Awesome Numbers - Canada

(Training House - Health Care )

The business model of this client is to offer best advanced, customized eTraining and workshops services in the domain of healthcare for quality patient care..

Awesome number is a health, safety and quality control patient care training house in Canada for clinicians and technicians etc. in health care labortories. Awesome number requirement was to completely re-design it's Learning managment system website to its diverse audience including full customisation of Scorm courses. The outcome was a new moodle based Learning Management system, fully customized theme and scorm courses, delivered on time and in budget.

    The project was scoped to cover the following key tasks:
  • Implement and customize theme design according to client requirement.
  • Instructional designing of Scorm courses.
  • Adding images, banner and content in scorm. .
  • Integrate compatability funtionality of scorm in all browsers .
  • Developing the Custom Moodle features.
  • Importing of one course to another course.
  • Implement cohort feature.
  • Creating book and adding it to courses as per client requirement.
  • Customize blocks.
  • Setting up environment and Deployment of the site on the new server.
  • Ongoing maintenance support.
  • Course data management, setting up courses, data uploading, verifying etc.

My ALF Training - US

(Training House - Healthcare Industry)

The Healthcare industry in US is complex and fast changing sector. Business model of this client is to provide blended, innovative and advanced training services to the healthcare clients to train and retrain staff in new procedures, processes and technologies to improve the capabilities of Healthcare Industry Professionals.

The client is training provider for Healthcare professionals. Client's main focus is to offer wide range of cutting edge training to healthcare professional and making course delivery seamless for trainer and trainees in specialized area of medical care.

    Create and implement the customized theme design according to client

  • Implement and customize the Business Manager role according to client requirement.
  • Certificate customization to bring up the company logo according to client requirement.
  • Configuring the course completion criteria .
  • Configuring fully customized course completion email notification.
  • Developing the customized reports for showing progress bar.
  • Upgrading moodle from ver 2.4 to 2.5, involving the migration of data, application and
    entire content.
  • Setting up environment and Deployment of the site on the new server.
  • Ongoing maintenance support.
  • Course data management, setting up courses, data uploading, verifying etc.

Mega Vidya - India

( Private University )

MVN is esteemed group educational institute established in 1983 Mega Vidya is part of MVN providing training to student who are preparing IIT JEE, AIEEE etc.

To developed a series of elearning courses ,videos to provide a cost effective and convenient way for volunteers preparing for IIT JEE, AIEEE etc The integration would smooth and easy for students and faculty making it a seamless one-step activity.

    The project was scoped to cover the following key tasks:
  • Customization of theme according to requirement .
  • Configuring the moodle to match the company's training processes.
  • Setting up environment and Deployment of the site on the new server.
  • Allowing students to learn in a fun, interactive and socially open environment.

Odak - Turkey

(Training House - BPO Sector )

The client is training house for BPO sector. The business model of this client is to offer advanced, customized pre- training to BPO employees which meet the need of BPO sector .

Odak is training house in Turkey which focus on providing training to BPO employees . The purpose of this project was to create a bridge between Wordpress and Moodle site . Our objective is to consolidate the functionality and provide client with advanced and customized LMS software which fulfill client requirement

    The project was scoped to cover the following key tasks:
  • Implement and customize the language pack and Turkish characters identification
  • Implement responsive theme design and customize theme according to client requirement.
  • Configuring fully custom pages for student progress report.
  • Customize Scorm courses as per requirement.
  • Customize navigation menu bar according to user login.
  • Implementing SSO ( ) using Wordpress and Moodle.
  • Developing the Customize Moodle features.
  • Integrating Social networking site \93Facebook\94 with client site .
  • Intergrate "Paypal" payment gateway.

Technology: Wordpress, Moodle & Paypal


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